The old kind of Life Insurance only pays if you die.  The old kind pays out money to those that survive your death.   They get to spend it, not you! 

The new kind of Life Insurance pays when you don't die.  The new kind pays money to you when you survive a Critical Illness or an Accident, to spent the way you want.


Many times the survivors of a major Illness or Accident will secretly wish they had died because the death benefit from the life insurance policy would cover the financial costs of surviving.


That is the case with the old kind of life insurance, but the new kind will provide money when you live to off-set financial expenses, because the new kind has "Accelerated Living Benefit Riders".  This new kind of life insurance does not require the money to be repaid and you are never changed any interest. 

Do you have the old or new kind of life insurance?


Clicking on the tab below shows how the "Accelerated Living Benefits", will provide money when you survive a Critical Illness or Accident and how these benefits helped John & Jane as they traveled through their Road of Life.